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Yantian Logistics Enterprise Launches 100 LNG New Energy Vehicles

May 07 2016

In response to the government's call and advocating the concept of green economy, circular economy and energy-saving and low-carbon development, on the afternoon of April 20, 2016, Yantian District local logistics company Cinda Group held 100 LNG new energy sources in China Railway Logistics Building Vehicle procurement plan and the first new car delivery ceremony in 2016. Zhou Jianming, executive deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Yantian District People's Congress, attended the event.

LNG is the abbreviation of liquefied natural gas. The main component is methane. LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. According to statistics, compared with diesel vehicles, natural gas (LNG) fuel vehicle exhaust emissions are more than 95% lower, nitrogen oxides are 49% lower, and carbon dioxide is 7% lower. The promotion of LNG trailers can significantly reduce vehicle dust and particulate emissions and greatly improve air quality in the jurisdiction. In terms of economic benefits, compared with ordinary diesel vehicles, LNG trailers can save about 0.3 yuan per kilometer.Supply Chain in China

It is reported that Cinda Group has been purchasing and using LNG new energy vehicles since 2011. It is one of the earliest companies in the industry to explore and use LNG vehicles. The person in charge of the company said in an interview with reporters that the natural environment of Yantian District is very superior, the air quality is very good, and the construction of ecological civilization is also very effective. As an enterprise's call to the government, advocating the concept of green development and low-carbon development is an inescapable responsibility and an important part of our pursuit of the ecological logistics dream.

It is reported that Youxinda Group was founded in 1997 and is a local cultivated enterprise in Yantian District. In the past 19 years, the company has realized the leapfrog development from traditional logistics to intelligent supply chain integrated logistics and "high-tech logistics + cross-border e-commerce field", and its business and service coverage has also changed from Yantian to nationalization, globalization, International development pattern. The enterprise has also obtained national-level "cross-border e-commerce pilot logistics enterprises", "cross-border e-commerce platform service enterprises", "Shenzhen key logistics enterprises, key trailer companies", "Customs (AEO) advanced credit enterprises", " "Guangdong Province entered the top 10 companies in the e-commerce industry", "Yantian District Mayor Quality Award Enterprise" and other titles. (Reporter Zheng Chuangbin)

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